Welcome to our webpage!

It all satrted on the Mtv show Jersey shore where the love just magically took over. Ever since then we've been unseperable♥
My name is Ronnie Magro, and my wife is Amira Veljacic. We are hosting our Webpage here so we can share our wonderful love with the world. Please enjoy :)

More about my beautiful wife :)
More about Ronnie will be coming soon!
We are still learning the basics to having our own site so more information will be posted later along with some great photos. For now we just have one picture together. Yes we plan on being togetehr for a while and are taking baby steps. We would also like to put an end to the rumors that Ronnie was and never will be "in-love" with Sammie Gianacola. She is old news and I have a new and much better women in my life. Please wish us all the best in our relationship, and stay tuned for more information.
From the cutest couple since the Titanic,

Ronnie & Amira ♥