Jay & Jai 07.30.10

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I have found the paradox,
that if you love until it hurts,
there can be no more hurt,
only more love.-Mother Teresa
Jay & Jai
i dont know how to explain the love that i have for him.
He is my world my life and my everything!!
we started dating 07.30.10 & i have never been so happy in my life.
everytime i see his face my eyes light up and i get this big cheezy smile on my face.
i love it when he gives me hugs & kisses. he makes me feel so important.
i honestly have no idea what my life would be like without him now that he is here.

True Love
when i look at these pictures i see love & happiness.
im not trying to say that our relationship is perfect but it sure as hell is close to it.
i know for a fact that we arent perfect and people make mistakes
but that is why i love him because he accepts me for my mistakes and he
loves me for them and is trying to make me be a better person and overcome my fears in life. All About Me